Watershed Assessments
– Oregon, Washington & British Columbia Examples –


Gales Creek Watershed Assessment Project (Rural Assistance for Rural Environments, 1998)

Jackson Creek Watershed Assessment (Rogue Valley Council of Governments, 2001)

MidCoast Watersheds Council Sixth Field Watershed Assessment (Earth Design Consultants Inc., 2001)

Nehalem River Watershed Assessment (Portland State University, 1999)

Chehalis Basin Assessment (Tetra Tech/KCM Inc. 2002)

Watershed Analysis for the Development of Salmonid Conservation and Recovery Plans Within Pierce County (Mobrand Biometrics, Inc. 2001)

A Watershed Assessment for the Siuslaw Basin (InfoRain, 2002)

Upper Joseph Creek Watershed Assessment (Wallowa Resources, Ongoing)

Lower Columbia River Clatskanie Basin Watershed Assessment (Lower Columbia River Watershed Council and Portland State University, 2000)

Johnson Creek Action Plan (Johnson Creek Watershed Council, 2003)

Crooked River Watershed Assessment (Crooked River Watershed Council, 2002)

Sandy River Basin Watershed Assessment (Sandy River Basin Watershed Council, 1999)

Clackamas River Sub-Watershed Assessments (Clackamas River Basin Council et al., 2000 - 2003)

Lower Coast Fork Willamette Sub-Watershed (Coast Fork Willamette Watersehd Council, Ongoing)

Lower Middle Fork Willamette River Watershed Assessment (Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council, 2002)

Long Tom Watershed Assessment (Long Tom Watershed Council, 2000)

Ecola Creek, Nicolai Wickiup, Skipanon, and Youngs Bay Watershed Assessments (NorthCoast Watershed Association Members et al., 2001)

South Santiam Watershed Assessment (South Santiam Watershed Council, Ongoing)

South Coast and Rogue River Watershed Assessments (South Coast and Lower Rogue Watershed Councils et al.)

Umpqua Basin Sub-Watershed Assessments (Umpqua Basin Watershed Council et al., 2002 - 2003)

Walla Walla Basin Watershed Assessment (Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council, Ongoing)



Yakima River Basin Watershed Assessment (Tri-County Water Resource Agency, 2001)


British Columbia

The Kawesas Watershed Assessment (Haisla Nation and Ecotrust, 1997)